Authenticity of KOENIG-SPECIALS cars or parts

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Thereīs many cars modified by KOENIG-SPECIALS offered on the market - but unfortunately even more copies ! If you are interested in buying a car or parts offered as modified or manufactured by KOENIG-SPECIALS we can  assist you in approving  their authenticity. Only original KOENIG-SPECIALS cars and/or parts are of value and worth buying.

As not all of our cars had been registered those days, we are not able to guarantee to find proof of the refering car, but in most cases it is possible to evaluate authenticity by checking detailed photos and part-no.s (e. g. in registration documents). Pictures and data you send to us by email will be verified thoroughly.

Please understand that we do have to charge a fee for our research as checking out - mostly non digitized - data takes a lot of time.

The flate-rate for research is EUR 5,00 (easily payable via Paypal to or by bank transfer after receiving our bank data). Please note that any information will be supplied not until receiving payment. The rate  ist also fully payable if you should receive a negative answer (e. g. the car is not modified by KOENIG-SPECIALS and/or the material you sent is not sufficient for evaluation). Any refund of the flate-rate is explicitly excluded.

In addition to information concerning itīs authenticity, we can also issue a copy of the certificate of origin, which went with the refering KOENIG-SPECIALS car at the time sold (additional charge - on request).

Important: We only accept written requests by email, please understand that we can not supply any information on the phone.


your request by Email - please enclose pictures if possible


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