copies of KOENIG-SPECIALS cars discovered

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As we have been informed recently faked KOENIG-SPECIALS cars have been illegaly built up in the middle east and are being shipped to the US.

These are serial cars, partly in very poor condition,  equipped with illegaly copied, low quality  KOENIG bodykits.

Watch out: Those fakes will be offered as original KOENIG cars !

Beware when being offered 

Mercedes C126 SEC 

as well as 

Mercedes W126 SE/L 

modified by KOENIG-SPECIALS.

Of course producing copies and selling them as originals is unlawful and will cause legal action. We urgently advise to keep your hands off those cars as their illegality can  have severe  consequences for the buyer, like seizure by customs or other authorities in your country.

Just contact us when being offered original KOENIG-SPECIALS cars - we will help you to verify their authenticity.

Important: please note that any inquiries will only be edited by email. We do not give any information on the phone.


Further information about inquiring  authenticity